In Greek, the name Melissa means "honey bee."


I was reminded of this fact last year while visiting San Francisco. My Lyft driver verified that I was his passenger and goes, "Melissa -- honey bee, right?"

Honey bees are smart, can recall things quickly, and live in a highly organized society. Like the honey bee, I am organized, a fast learner, and have a knack for remembering important details.

In its lifetime, the honey bee travels an average of 500 miles.
In my post-Brandcenter life, I'm excited to see how far I'll go!



The Windy City was my summer city.


I spent summer 2017 at DDB Chicago and fell in love with the Windy City! When I wasn’t working, I was watching improv shows, making friends, visiting museums/parks/beaches, and taking in the city while sitting on a glass floor 1,353 feet in the air. This video – filmed and edited by me – shows summertime Chicago from my perspective.


According to Myers-Briggs, I am an INFJ.
(we make up less than one percent of the population).

I’ve always been strong in my writing, and showing empathy to others comes naturally to me. I’m thoughtful, and I don’t talk just to talk. When I share my ideas, I have something to say.

In a peer review, one of my classmates described working with me and said, “I feel safe speaking to her and I know that I won’t get harsh backlash for throwing around ideas. Psychological safety in a group is important.”

I prefer quiet leadership, but that doesn’t stop me from taking risks, being in front of large crowds, or pursuing my passions.


In high school...

I was the drum major of my school’s marching band for two years, which meant I stood on a podium and conducted during every halftime show and competition, keeping the tempo of the 70-person band.



In College...

I played trumpet in a 500-person marching band. There were almost 70 other trumpet players, and I was among a small group selected to be on the leadership team. For two years, my role was to perfect the marching of the band, or – in layman’s terms – help 500 people move together across a football field while playing instruments.



At the VCU Brandcenter...

I spoke in front of more than 200 people when I introduced the Chief Creative Officer of a global ad agency who came to the school to give a presentation.


I will never be the loudest person in the room, but I will always be thoughtful, curious, and empathetic.